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Last week I had the pleasure of working with one of my Clients developing a Business Vision for a new store. This was such an exciting evening with so much energy that I have to write about it.

Setting a Vision is all about dreams of what we can become but also of realising where we are at present and what opportunities are out there.

In this case we did a SWOT analysis. This sounds really boring but it is in fact one of the most exciting meetings that I hold with Teams.

Below I summarise the Outcomes of the meeting. My next step is to discuss this summary with the Team and this leads on directly to building the Vision for the Business.

Some excellent learning comes from this process

  • Developing Vision is best done using an Outside expert – Your Business Success Partner
  • SWOTS build your staff into a Team – With care the excitement can build and as it builds so the staff start to become a Team
  • Enabling the Staff to have an input into the Vision is one of the essential building blocks for the ‘supportive, Can-do’ culture that we are all looking for in our businesses


Bruce Cowan
Bruce Cowan
Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge from a varied career both with large engineering firms and as a small business owner. This experience coupled with his work in voluntary organisations leads naturally to becoming a Business Consultant.